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Uzbekistan supports the global initiative to end gas flaring

12 May 2015

The heads of the major oil companies and senior government officials from a number of oil-producing countries held a meeting, during which they took obligations not later than 2030 to end the practice of flaring natural gas at oil fields.

Several countries and major oil companies has already supported the initiative "To end the practice of natural gas flaring by 2030". According to the World Bank, countries and companies, whose representatives spoke in support of the initiative, burn in total more than 40 percent of the associated gas in the world.

"Around 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas produced along with oil are uselessly burned in “flares” in thousands of oil fields around the world each year. As a result, over 300 million tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions from approximately 77 million cars emit into atmosphere. If all of this associated gas was used for electricity generation, thus could produce more electricity (750 billion kWh) than the entire continent of Africa consumes today. However, the gas is flared today for a number of reasons of technical, regulatory and economic nature, or whether its use is not regarded as a task of special importance", - the message of the World Bank states.

"Gas flaring is a clear confirmation that we are wasteful on emitting CO2 into the atmosphere," said the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. - "We can try to do something with it. Together we can take concrete steps to put an end to the flaring and using this valuable natural resource, to bring light to those who live without electricity".

"Today, when we are going to adopt new meaningful international climate agreement in December in Paris, these countries and companies show that they take real action against climate change," said UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon. - "Reduction of natural gas flaring can make a significant contribution to the mitigation of climate change. I call all oil producing countries and companies to join this important initiative."

The initiative "To end the practice of natural gas flaring by 2030”, along with other states was also supported by the government of Uzbekistan.

In particular, the Minister of economy of Uzbekistan Galina Saidova in her statement said: "To date, the reduction of losses in the process of obtaining energy resources, including the recovery and utilization of gas, is a key large-scale measures aimed at further improvement of the efficiency of energy use. These measures are described as crucial in the Program of measures to reduce energy intensity, energy efficient technologies and systems in the industries in 2015-2019".

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